Certified to the highest industry standards.

Armories, firing ranges & gun collections

Embassy modular security steel walling and rooms installed for maximum protection worldwide.

Armouries – Shooting Ranges – Gun Clubs
– Gun Collections – Antiques

Ballistic ratings

Installed for maximum protection worldwide.

Our modular layered approach

to designing and manufacturing Embassy walling means we can apply levels of materials that are fully tested and certified to BR1 to BR7, EN1522 FSG, and EN1523 FSG standards for ballistic resistant protection.

Personnel protection

for the inside of gun rooms, safe room or areas used for firing weapons can be lined with our coatings developed and fully tested at Precision Ballistics Laboratories to test procedure 1001.01 for Anti-Spall and Anti-Ricochet properties.

Embassy modular steel security walling

is ideal for designing a layered approach for building secure rooms and portable rooms that can include physical security, ballistic protection and anti-ricochet protection.


We have a large range of bespoke and off the shelf solutions developed for storing guns, protecting personnel in armouries, at shooting ranges, and which provide physical security protection when threatened with a firearm.

Ideal for designing bespoke rooms or converting existing rooms

Offering a high level of physical attack protection, ballistic resistant walling protection combined with bulletproof door sets creating the safe room required.


Tested and certified Bullet-resistant performance features
FB1 – FB7 can be combined with burglary resistance performance levels 1 – 8.

Ultimate Privacy

We offer peace of mind that your security project will be discreetly designed, managed and installed by our expert UK team.

Our team will ensure that everything is taken care of, from design to install we give you complete transparency and privacy.


Product quality, trust, honesty, reliability and professionalism provided as standard throughout the whole journey


We have a wealth of expertise in-house that sets our services apart in the world of personal and valuables protection in a luxury setting

Help choosing your physical security protection

The perfect balance of security and luxurious interior design.

A choice of security rooms and walling levels to protect against physical attack.

Elegance and security designed for the protection of your family and valuables.

Embassy RvE windows & doors certified safety – breathtakingly beautiful

No empty words, high security is at the heart of our solution.

Our expert craftsmen and women provide luxurious, bespoke solutions.

Keep intruders out of a building, whilst not compromising on natural daylight.

We cover all protection levels.. Unsurmountable final product.

We look forward to discussing your armories, firing ranges or gun collections with our professional team as part of our fully comprehensive consultation.

For smaller or additional secure gun storage and gun collection displays we have a full range of Sold Secure tested, police preferred gun safes and high security luxury glass display safes.


ATM Security and
Banking solutions.


High security measures to
safeguard your cash.


Protection again burglary,
robbery, fire and armed assault.

Sectors we serve

Each project is managed and designed in house meaning we can offer a full turnkey security solution starting with a dedicated security team of experts who will discuss your requirements and start putting your concept plans into a working design.