Delivery and installation services

Burton Security believe in offering exceptional service

Our business is built on delivering it!

The service team is available 24/7 - 365 days a year.

Every customer has individual service needs; the internal service team design and deliver bespoke service packages to suit your individual requirements for both safe and locksmith engineering, all of which is supported
by a dedicated Account Manager.

Panic Rooms

An Embassy safe panic room or a vault can be built as a stand-alone room or we can discreetly convert existing areas of the home.

Safe Rooms

An Embassy safe room is an ideal solution for any business. A place of retreat and safety for your staff if under attack during an aggravated robbery!

Secure Walling

Embassy modular steel security walling is ideal for designing bespoke rooms or converting existing rooms to offer a high level of physical attack protection.

Security Doors

All our armoured doors have been tested and certified in the laboratory to ensure maximum protection and security from break-in attempts.

Security Windows

As specialists for RvE security windows, we offer you effective protection with the highest quality craftsmanship. Whether for listed buildings or modern architecture:


Cerberus Vault rooms are the most secure structures. Traditionally built to meet banking standards, perfect for safe deposit centres and large amounts of valuables.

Bar Sets

We have a range of Embassy high security steel fixed bar sets designed to keep intruders out of a building, whilst not compromising on natural daylight.

Grilles & Cages

Ajax grilles & cages are custom made and include high security retractable solutions suitable for domestic and commercial properties.

Luxury Safes

Luxuria an exclusive range of safes using the finest materials. Hand finished using the best British craftsmanship to give the safe your personal touch.

Vault Doors

Cerberus high security vault doors are available in Grades 1 to 13 protecting your business cash and valuables from burglary, explosives and core drills.

Strong Rooms

A free-standing high security solution of modular construction, Orthrus delivers optimum price vs performance ratio. It is certified to the very latest LPS standard

Safe Deposit Centres

The Vienna range of high quality safe deposit boxes with high security locks and advanced software options that can manage your whole operation.


Delivery and installation services

Burton Security service agreements cover all types of safe and lock, some of the features include;

Burton Security

Supply and installation of physical security products


Bespoke security solutions

Our standard delivery is a 2-3 day service and we have a range of delivery and installation options to upgrade your order and suit your needs.


We offer the full Turnkey service in-house with our own R&D CAD, design and manufacturing team, surveyors, dedicated project managers and fully trained installation engineers.

Request a free site survey and Expert advice from our dedicated design team.

Over 100 years’ worth of security industry experience

We are now the UK’s leading safe and vault provider and security company providing a large selection of physical security solutions to the trade, commercial and banking customers across the UK and around the world.

From design to installation, project and account management to customer support.

Our SURE DEFENCE team are qualified in security design and consultancy. Dedicated account and project managers ensure an unrivalled customer experience.