Orthrus Strongrooms

Protection against physical attack tools and ballistic weapons

Our Vaults are unrivalled in its success, due to the modular nature of its design, and the scalable levels of security.

Orthrus Strongrooms are equipped with various security features to ensure the utmost protection.

A free-standing high security solution of modular construction.

Orthrus delivers optimum price/ performance ratio. It is certified to the very latest LPS standard – LPS1175: Issue 8 and has achieved security rating F10 (SR6) G5. Each room is built to order according to the individual size and security requirements of the client.

The flexibility of design and build allow this to be the perfect solution in the commercial world for high value items or indeed military/government use for sensitive materials or meeting spaces.

Free-standing high security safe room

Built to a Police Preferred Specification Secured by Design

Modular construction to create bespoke rooms built to your specification. Orthrus rooms Independently tested and certified to LPS1175 (Issue 8) F10 (SR6) G5

Coordinating directly with your interior designer

Ideal solution for creating a secure space within an existing structure. Ideal for commercial, military and government use

We have a choice of security rooms

Panel widths range from 150mm to 1500mm. Rooms can be 5 or 6 sided

Additionally, our range of luxury

armoured and sliding doors can be hidden from view, something that can be specified during the design process.


Design, consultancy service and installation provided by Burton Safes. The door and locking system can be connected to client’s own alarm systemand access control system.

A 2nd or 3rd lock can be added to your vault door if required

Exceeds requirements of the UK Environment Agency for the storage of radioactive source material/equipment

Lock features 4 manager codes, 36 user codes, time delay and time windows, dual user functions and audit trails.

Optional emergency door, access hatch, pass through door is available





Vault panel information

The door and locking system can be connected to client’s own alarm system and access control system.

Vault door information

The door and locking system can be connected to client’s own alarm system and access control system.

The perfect balance of security and luxurious interior design.

A choice of security rooms and walling levels to protect against physical attack.

Elegance and security designed for the protection of your family and valuables.

Embassy RvE windows & doors certified safety – breathtakingly beautiful

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What peoples say about us

At Burton Security our customers come first. Our growth is through innovation and investment in British engineering. 

"As CEO of the worldwide ATM Industry Association. I would like to congratulate Burton Security's ATM Safe for bringing the innovative Gas Protection X (GP-X) product to market.” "It takes years of investment and dedication to go from R & D, to prototype. Then to make an impact in a competitive market. The judges were impressed with how GP-X combats the growing global threat of ATM gas attacks. Protecting ATMs, cash and property. Most important of all, the cardholders using ATMs. Brilliant!"
atm awards atmia
Mike Lee
"Dominic was extremely helpful and fully understood the challenges we faced as a client working with Burton Security, and Dom stayed in close contact with us throughout this sale process and often offering support to us by offering to speak to the Client also." "Dom always came back to us promptly and Dominic instilled confidence in his ability to get things right and we trusted his knowledge and updates that helped us delivery and exceed our customers expectations."
Michael Clark
"We were delighted that the Burton Security team (S&V) provided St James’ with our security safe engineering services which included the vault door refurbishment, vault door installation, safe lock installations, vault repairs, multiple safe relocations, grill gate refurbishment and lock work, safe deposit box installation and maintenance, vault door painting, safe deposit vault work, safe, vault and grill key replacements, at our branch in Leeds City Centre"
Amanda Williams
St James Safe Deposit