PROFILON – High Security Window Film

High Security and high-performance window films

With one goal in mind: to ensure safety!

High Security Window Film

Profilon film, specifically security window film, is a protective layer applied to glass surfaces to enhance security, safety, and privacy. Security window film is designed to strengthen glass, making it more resistant to impact, forced entry, and even natural disasters.

Our windows films range are commonly used in residential, commercial, and automotive applications. They provide various benefits, including protection against forced entry, accidents, and even bomb blasts.

Specifically designed high performance window films to enhance the safety and security

Fragment Retention

Choose a safety film that meets your security requirements.

These range from burglary- and blast-resistant properties to alarm function and targeted shielding of electromagnetic radiation. In addition to the PROFILON® premium products for flat glass, we have developed security films especially for automotive applications. These films are particularly suitable for increasing the mobile security of police, fire department, emergency vehicles in crisis areas as well as military.

PROFILON® Burglary Protection Security Films

Security window films are designed to hold glass fragments together upon impact. In the event of a break, the film adheres to the glass, preventing shattered glass from scattering and reducing the risk of injuries.

The film adds a layer of toughness to the glass, making it more resistant to impact from blunt objects, such as rocks, bricks, or even attempted forced entry. This can deter burglars and provide an added layer of protection against vandalism.

PROFILON® Blast Protection Security Film

Retrofit glass bomb blast window film provides protection against detonations and bomb blast waves. The blast waves resulting from explosions are in most cases life-threatening.

Explosive attacks pose a great risk of injury and threat to people, especially when objects fly around due to the strong blast wave. Glass can become a lethal weapon in this case. PROFILON® ER1 retroactively imparts bomb blast-resistant properties to single and insulating glass.

Shielding Security Films

Targeted shielding as well as transmission of radiation - Control of radiation transmittance of glazing with high-tech films Criminal technologies are becoming more and more professional and intelligent. This includes the development of eavesdropping and data eavesdropping attacks, as well as radio frequency electromagnetic interference attempts.

Traditional building structures with glass windows and surfaces insufficiently prevent the leakage and penetration of RF and IR signal energy, so the windows and other glass surfaces are a major weak point. Our high-tech shielding films not only protect against data tapping attempts, but also protect rooms from exposure to electrosmog. Glazing can be equipped with a wide range of transmission properties from radiation strengths to high-frequency electromagnetic fields using our Tempest films.

PROFILON® Car Safety Films

Securing vehicle windows with PROFILON® automotive safety films protect vehicles effectively with car security films and armour.

Car windows are the weak points of vehicles and at the same time indispensable. They pose a high risk of injury to vehicle occupants from break-ins, attacks, assaults or even accidents. PROFILON® car safety films reduce the risk of injury and damage.

UV Protection

Many security films offer UV protection, reducing the penetration of harmful ultraviolet rays. This not only protects occupants from potential skin damage but also helps prevent fading of interior furnishings and merchandise. Benefits: Protects furniture, flooring, and other interior items from fading or damage caused by prolonged exposure to UV radiation.

Enhanced Privacy

Tinted or reflective security window films can enhance privacy by limiting the view into a building from the outside. This is particularly useful for commercial spaces or residential properties where privacy is a concern.

Quick Installation

In high-security environments, some safety films are designed to provide protection against the impact of bomb blasts. While not applicable for every situation, these films can be crucial in specific security contexts

The frame itself can be designed to absorb and disperse impact energy. Reinforced frames contribute to the overall strength of the window and help resist forced entry.

Bomb Blast Mitigation

Safety window films are an effective way to reinforce the integrity of glass, providing an additional layer of protection for your home or business.

Hurricanes and Storms 


Safety window films can provide some level of protection against natural disasters and catastrophes, depending on the type and severity of the event.

Anti-burglary Resistant Security Films

Unlike anti-shatter films PROFILON is tested for security protection. Choose a safety film that meets your security requirements.

Burglary protection films at a glance:

Bomb Blast Security Window Films

Choose a bomb blast window safety film that meets your security requirements. PROFILON® ER1 retroactively imparts bomb blast-resistant properties to single and insulating glass.

Bomb blast protection films at a glance:

Targeted Shielding as well as Transmission of Radiation

Choose a safety film that meets your security requirements. Tell us your requirements and we will find the right film solution to shield radiation in the desired frequency or wavelength ranges.

Privacy shielding protection films at a glance:

Securing Vehicle Windows Film

Choose a car safety security film that meets your security requirements. Car safety films reduce the risk of injury and damage.

Vehicle protection films at a glance:

We cover all protection levels.. Unsurmountable final product.

Keep intruders out of a building, whilst not compromising on natural daylight.

RvE security window solutions without sacrificing aesthetics.

With one goal in mind:
to ensure safety!