PROFILON – High Security Blast Protection Window Film

High puncture resistant Blast protection film

Bomb blast window film provides protection against detonations and bomb blast waves

Retrofit glass solution - Bomb blast security window film provides protection against detonations and bomb blast waves

Choose a safety film that meets your security requirements.

PROFILON® ER1 retroactively imparts bomb blast-resistant properties to single and insulating glass.

The blast waves resulting from explosions are in most cases life-threatening. Explosive attacks pose a great risk of injury and threat to people, especially when objects fly around due to the strong blast wave. Glass can become a lethal weapon in this case.

Field Report Government Quarter Oslo - Effectiveness confirmed The PROFILON® ER1 security film has a highly resistant, puncture-resistant, blast-resistant effect and reliably binds splinters. The effectiveness of the film is proven by numerous field reports, such as the bomb attack in Oslo's government quarter in 2011, the effects of which were immensely limited by the processed high-performance film PROFILON® ER1.

PROFILON® ER1 at a glance


  • Achieved resistance classes / standards:

  • Explosive Inhibition DIN EN 13541 ER1 (NS)

  • Throw-through inhibition: P2A EN 356 / UL 972 (tested and certified on 4mm float glass)

  • Flame retardant: B1 according to DIN 4102 – 1

  • Stopping pressure waves

  • Security film for protection in case of explosives and terrorist attacks

  • Retrofit solution for unprotected single or insulating glass in areas at risk of attack

  • Made in Germany

  • Successful practical application

  • Fast installation by trained installation teams – without disrupting workflows

  • Scratch resistant – maintenance free

  • Clear-sighted

Areas of application

  • Public administration buildings
  • Office building
  • Shop window and glass facades
  • Embassies / Government buildings
  • Entrance areas
  • Production halls
  • Critical infrastructures
  • Industrial plants
  • Military installations

We cover all protection levels.. Unsurmountable final product.

Keep intruders out of a building, whilst not compromising on natural daylight.

RvE security window solutions without sacrificing aesthetics.

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