Fire Suppression Systems

Designed to control or extinguish fires in various environments

Detect, suppress, and manage fires effectively.

Fire suppression systems are critical components of safety infrastructure designed to control or extinguish fires in various environments.

Including facilities that house sensitive equipment such as Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) rooms.

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The selection of a specific fire suppression technology depends on factors such as the nature of the environment, the type of fire risks, and the potential impact on people and equipment.

Water-Based Systems

Sprinkler Systems: These are among the most common and traditional fire suppression systems. Sprinklers are strategically placed in a facility, and they activate when a predetermined temperature is reached, releasing water to suppress the fire.

Gaseous Suppression Systems

These systems use gaseous agents that are safe for occupied spaces and do not leave residue.

Powder-Based Systems

These systems use dry chemical agents such as monoammonium phosphate or sodium bicarbonate to suppress fires. They are commonly used in industrial settings.

Fire Suppression Systems​

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Fire Suppression Systems

Our mission is the protection of persons and facilities.
For this purpose we develop and manufacture blast doors and blast equipment in different versions.

Early Detection Systems

Smoke and Heat Detectors: Early detection is crucial for timely response to a fire. Smoke and heat detectors can trigger the activation of the fire suppression system when abnormal conditions are detected.