Our core principle is to ensure products are tested to the highest standards.

We are proud to have tested products to LPCB standards and feature in RedBookLive.

Tested to the highest standard

We test our security products to the highest standards in the UK with the LPCB and ECB.S in Europe

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Standards The Sure Defence

All strongrooms certified to EN1143 must have a certified lock that reflects the grade of the solution.

• Strongrooms certified to EN1143-1 Grade XI and XII must have 3 locks certified to Class C or 2 locks certified to Class D

• Strongrooms certified to EN1143-1 Grade XIII must have 2 locks certified to Class D

The standards below
can be found in our
Sure Defence ranges...

LPS1175 – This is an independent standard published by BRE. It can be applied to products used to form all layers of physical security, including the perimeter (e.g. fences and gates), building fabric (e.g. doors, windows, shutters and walling), enclosures and cabinets. Issue 8 defines eight levels of threat (A to H) and six levels of delay (1, 3, 5, 10, 15 and 20 minutes). EN1627 – This is a European burglary attack test standard for security doors. There are 6 security levels from RC1 – RC6 EN1063 – This is a bullet resistance test for glass. There are 7 levels from BR1 – BR7
– This is a bullet resistance test for doors and systems. There are 7 levels from FB1 – FB7. All parts of the door are tested, including door furniture, frames and joints

Choosing your physical security protection

Tested and certified security products are designed to provide a level of time delay to protect you, your family and your possessions. This is important when choosing your security product and security supplier.

Certified security starts at low levels, for example keeping items safely locked away from being taken easily, to high security safes designed for keeping large amounts of cash and valuables up to £2,500,000.

Panic rooms, high security steel walling and armoured high security doors are designed to protect people and possessions while under attack. The level and protection you choose should be carefully thought out. How long will it take to get help from the emergency services or your security company and is there a risk of attack using weapons?

Each level of security protection offer a tested amount of physical protection against different attack tools and weapons. The higher the level, the more protection you are buying – in short, you are buying time!

For the highest levels of personal and valuables protection we offer a range of banking level strongrooms and vaults. These are heavily constructed rooms and doors, usually built at ground levels. Perfect for a safe retreat and storing high amounts of cash, bullion and valuables. We have a range that is tested and certified to Grade 13.

Burton Security bring you the very best security products, either designed and manufactured in house or from carefully selected partnerships across Europe to deliver THE SURE DEFENCE…


For more information about security standards, cash and valuables ratings, British and European testing house please use the link below to our Security Standards page.


LPCB certification is recognised by insurers, consultants, architects and risk managers across the globe.

Products that are tested to LPCB standards can reduce liability for our customers because of the demonstrated due diligence that having a product certified provides.

Products are rigorously assessed in order to achieve certification. Testing and evaluation makes up an early part of the process, followed by auditing the factory production to ensure high standards are maintained.

Once the product is successfully certified, it is then listed on RedBookLive. It is here that our products are seen by specifiers to verify the status of our tested products.

Once a product has been certified, continuous audits are carried out
to ensure that certification is maintained.