High security steel doors

Independently tested and certified to LPS1175 SR2 – SR4

High security steel doors

Our extensive range of steel doors provide you with the ultimate security solution and protection for your building.

Built to a Police Preferred Specification – Secured by Design

Independently tested and certified to LPS1175 SR2 – SR4

Bespoke engineered for acoustic performance or as a certified fire door for internal or external use. 

High security steel doors

The range also comes with a range of security ratings up to SR4. Bespoke M2M doors can be manufactured with a range of vision and louvre panels, as well as a range of side and over panels. Any door in this collection is ideal for industrial, commercial, and domestic buildings and they have all been engineered and produced in-house. View more about our range of bespoke steel doors below.

Coordinating directly with your interior designer

and architect ensures that we identify the protection level required to create safe rooms that are attack resistant, bullet proof, functional, safe and aesthetically pleasing.

We have a choice of security rooms

and walling levels to protect against physical attack tools and ballistic weapons, such as pistols, handguns, and rifles.

Additionally, our range of luxury

armoured and sliding doors can be hidden from view, something that can be specified during the design process.


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KRONOS Doors have the following basic performance features

Frame (steel sheet 15/10 or 20/10) covering the thickness of the reveal for an attractive finish (with optional thermal break).

The winning combination for a minimal total cost

• Robustness and extreme mechanical resistance

• Very low cost of use : simple to replace components + low maintenance

• Combining high performance features

• 10 or 15 years warranty defined by the installation method

Combining bespoke performance features

Heinen doors can combine performance features on a bespoke basis. Depending on your needs, one or more performance features are added to the basic, robust METAL+ door