Physical Security Solutions

Security for buildings and protecting valuables

To provide safe places to live, work, shop and visit.

Over 100 tested and certified
high-quality security products

With a high-quality product range of over 100 tested and certified fire and security safes we have been serving the
Locksmith trade and business world for over 30 years.

We have a range of solutions for securing keys for the home, healthcare, garages, banks, hospitals, and business users which includes a range of
Police preferred solutions, larger key storage solutions, remote critical access,
and intelligent key management systems.


Police preferred solutions.

We subject our products to rigorous testing against LPCB standards to guarantee that our security product and systems provide robust protection against a diverse array of hostile threats, encompassing potential risks posed by criminals and terrorists alike.

About us

Burton Security Core principle is to ensure products are tested to the highest standards. We are proud to have tested products to LPCB standards and feature in RedBookLive.


Our SURE DEFENCE TEAM Are qualified in security design and consultancy. Dedicated account and project managers ensure an unrivalled customer experience.

Product of the future

We have created world-class and
award-winning security products and services that keep you safe now and into the future.

Control, audit and prevent individuals with malicious intent from entering secure areas.

Embassy CBX armoured shutters prevents any gap in your building or business security.

Providing high quality, custom asset protection to the atm sector and High Street banks.

High Security Steel fixed bar sets designed to keep intruders out of a building, whilst not compromising on natural daylight.

We supply a range of rooms and safes for the safe charging and storage of lithium ion batteries.

High Security vault rooms and doors built to banking standards for storing high value items.

An Embassy safe room, or panic room as they are often called, provides a safe hiding place for your loved ones.

A choice of Embassy security walling levels to protect your business against physical attack.

Bespoke Luxuria safes, finished to the highest standard. Seamlessly blending aesthetics and technology.

Orthrus strongrooms are certified to the very latest LPS standard LPS1175: Issue 8 and achieved security rating F10 (SR6) G5.

Panzer blast proof rated security doors for high-risk commercial areas requiring protection.

Transforming Empty Spaces into Revolutionary Safe Deposit Centres with our full design service.

Rated security doors tailored for the security needs of protecting access to both homes and businesses.

Embassy RvE explore certified safety in its most beautiful form. Security window solutions without sacrificing aesthetics.

Customised mobile vaults ideal for the safe transportation and storage of cash, weapons and explosives.

High security retractable grilles and cages suitable for domestic and commercial properties.

We provide products that answer a variety of requirements:
UK Police Preferred Specification under the Secured by Design scheme.

Security to protect your assets, your staff and your business.

Threats range from rudimentary, low-technology attacks employing small, effortlessly concealed tools to more sophisticated endeavors wielding tools with superior mechanical leverage. These escalate to deliberate forced entries facilitated by a wide array of readily accessible, relatively discreet tools. As the assailants’ proficiency increases, so does their arsenal, advancing to experienced attempts at forced entry, employing tools powered by batteries for heightened efficacy. Transitioning into the realm of professionalism, the assailants target higher-value storage areas, employing refined techniques and tools. Their endeavors become increasingly refined, culminating in strategic access attempts to high-value assets. At the pinnacle of threat, extreme methods are employed, utilizing portable tools to breach fortifications protecting exceedingly valuable assets.


Elegance and security
designed for you!

Security to protect your assets, your staff and your business.