Burton Security

Transportable, high security container

Safe guard valuable or sensitive items

Transportable, high security container

From the outside it just looks like an ordinary container

Transporta are designed to provide enhanced protection against theft, unauthorized access, and various environmental factors.

High-security containers are frequently used for storing valuable items such as jewellery, cash, important documents, and precious metals. These containers offer a secure environment with features like reinforced construction, advanced locking mechanisms, and sometimes fire-resistant properties.

Our products are fit for all purposes

  • SC10/20 tested and certified to SS3492 by SSF/SBSC

  • SC800, SC3000 & SC6000 tested and certified to EN1143-1 Grade 3 by SSF/SBSC

Ideal for the safe transportation of cash, weapons, explosives and confidential data

Can also be used as a mobile cash room or
an ATM room at temporary events such as festivals, sporting occasions, building sites and pop-up shops

GPS tracking

Option to fit GPS tracking device and motion alarm sensor

Protect your business

Double door access to maximise the opening space

Transportation of High-Value Goods

Storage of Valuables

Installed for maximum protection worldwide.

Military and Defense Applications

Military and defense organizations use high-security containers to store and transport sensitive equipment, weapons, ammunition, and classified information. These containers are built to withstand harsh conditions and potential security threats.

Construction Site Security

High-security containers can be used on construction sites to store valuable tools, equipment, and materials securely. They help prevent theft and unauthorized access, ensuring that construction resources are protected.

Retail and Commercial Security

Retail businesses may use high-security containers to protect merchandise, especially high-value items. These containers deter theft and contribute to overall store security.

Transporta are avalible in three standard sizes.

Can also be used as a mobile cash room or
an ATM room at temporary events such as festivals, sporting occasions, building sites and pop-up shops

The two smaller sizes can be handled by truck or crane.

SC 6000 is equipped with a frame for hooklift.

Cash Handling and Banking

High-security containers are commonly used in the banking industry for the secure storage of cash and valuable assets. They may be integrated into bank vaults or used as standalone safes.

The perfect balance of security and luxurious interior design.

A choice of security rooms and walling levels to protect against physical attack.

Elegance and security designed for the protection of your family and valuables.

Embassy RvE windows & doors certified safety – breathtakingly beautiful

No empty words, high security is at the heart of our solution.

Our expert craftsmen and women provide luxurious, bespoke solutions.

Keep intruders out of a building, whilst not compromising on natural daylight.

We cover all protection levels.. Unsurmountable final product.

Emergency Response and Disaster Recovery:

In emergency response scenarios or disaster recovery efforts, high-security containers may be used to store critical supplies, medical equipment, and emergency response materials. These containers are often portable and can be deployed quickly to provide secure storage.