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Case Studies

Security for buildings Protecting people and valuables

Burton Security provide safe places to live, work, shop and visit.

Panic Room Case Studies

An Embassy safe room / panic room or a vault can be built as a stand-alone room or we can discreetly convert existing areas of the home, such as bedrooms, walk in wardrobes, guest rooms, ensuites, living rooms, offices, and garages to keep your family and valuables safe from intruders.

Bespoke Ballistic Panic Rooms, Kensington, London

We were approached by a construction company who were renovating a period property in one of London’s most affluent and prestigious postcodes.

Bespoke Ballistic Armoury Rooms, The Republic of Ireland

We were approached by a construction company who were renovating a period property in one of London’s most affluent and prestigious postcodes.

Hidden Panic Room with Powered Sliding Security Door

We were approached by a Trade Partner who wanted to create bespoke safe room in a period property in one of London’s most affluent and prestigious postcodes.

Vaults & Safe Deposit Centre Case Studies

From the world’s most advanced safe deposit centres in Hong Kong, to securing cash, bullion and valuables in banks and retailers across Europe and the Middle East; the team at Burton Security have the experience to advise, design and deliver physical security solutions to protect you and your assets.

Prestigious Safe Deposit Centre in Hong Kong

Burton Security are celebrating 6 years since one of our largest and most prestigious safe deposit, access control and vault installations in Hong Kong.

High End Safe Deposit Centre, Coventry, UK

We were approached by a client wanting to design and build a bespoke high security, fully managed safe deposit centre in Coventry, United Kingdom.

Vault Refurbishment, Leeds, UK

We were approached by a client running multiple Safe Deposit Centres in Leeds and Manchester who were renovating an old banking vault property in the City Centre of Leeds.

At Burton Security
our customers come first!

Our growth is through innovation and investment in British engineering. 

What peoples say about us

"As CEO of the worldwide ATM Industry Association. I would like to congratulate Burton Security's ATM Safe for bringing the innovative Gas Protection X (GP-X) product to market.” "It takes years of investment and dedication to go from R & D, to prototype. Then to make an impact in a competitive market. The judges were impressed with how GP-X combats the growing global threat of ATM gas attacks. Protecting ATMs, cash and property. Most important of all, the cardholders using ATMs. Brilliant!"
atm awards atmia
Mike Lee
"Dominic was extremely helpful and fully understood the challenges we faced as a client working with Burton Security, and Dom stayed in close contact with us throughout this sale process and often offering support to us by offering to speak to the Client also." "Dom always came back to us promptly and Dominic instilled confidence in his ability to get things right and we trusted his knowledge and updates that helped us delivery and exceed our customers expectations."
Michael Clark
"We were delighted that the Burton Security team (S&V) provided St James’ with our security safe engineering services which included the vault door refurbishment, vault door installation, safe lock installations, vault repairs, multiple safe relocations, grill gate refurbishment and lock work, safe deposit box installation and maintenance, vault door painting, safe deposit vault work, safe, vault and grill key replacements, at our branch in Leeds City Centre"
Amanda Williams
St James Safe Deposit