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Tested high-performance security films

High Quality Burglary Protection Security Films from Burton Security

Developed and produced in Germany to the Highest Standards. We develop our high-performance films with one goal in mind: to ensure safety! To make this possible, we work closely with top German federal authorities and internationally renowned institutes.

Almost any type of glazing can be retrofitted with PROFILON® security films with various security features. These range from burglary- and blast-resistant properties to alarm function and targeted shielding of electromagnetic radiation. In addition to the PROFILON® premium products for flat glass, PROFILON® has developed security films especially for automotive applications. These films are particularly suitable for increasing the mobile security of police, fire department, emergency vehicles in crisis areas as well as military.

Resistant anti-burglary films of the brand PROFILON®.

PROFILON® anti-burglary films guarantee additional security for windows and glass facades. They are highly resistant, impact-resistant, burglar-resistant and reliably bind splinters. These high-quality security films offer optimum protection against lightning burglaries, vandalism and attacks with incendiary devices.

With more than ten test certificates for our PROFILON® security films in resistance classes P2 to P4A (tested on 4mm float glass), we have the right solutions for your needs. Our team will be happy to recommend the right security film for you, taking the resistance value into account. Due to its special structure and the high standards of workmanship, it is only installed by specialists, unlike simple security films for retrofitting.

The burglary protection security films can be combined with other protective features on request, for example a film laminate with integrated privacy or sun protection or an alarm function can be produced.

Burglary protection films at a glance


  • throw-through resistance
  • obstruction by smash-and-grab theft
  • shattering resistant
  • resistance class P2A to P4A according to DIN EN 356 – tested and certified on thin 4mm float glass
  • RC2 certified – tested on 06.08.2020 bonded to 4 mm float glass
  • optional with alarm function
  • fire flashover resistant (no smoke)
  • UV protection
  • clear transparency
  • scratch insensitive
  • long life

Areas of application

  • Public buildings
  • Office building
  • Meeting rooms / conference rooms
  • Shop window
  • Entrance areas
  • Production halls
  • Industrial plants
  • Server rooms / IT centers
  • Galleries and museums
  • RC2 windows

PROFILON® Security Film of Resistance Class P4A

Retrofit solution for RC2 windows
The VdS in Cologne, one of Europe’s most important testing institutes for burglary protection, has confirmed the effectiveness and certified the PROFILON® burglary protection film for retrofitting RC2 windows (tested on 06.08.2020, bonded to 4 mm float glass).

The test certificate confirms the use of the film in RC2 windows and the extremely high impact resistance and shatter resistance in resistance class P4A in accordance with the DIN EN 356 standard. The retrofitting of RC2 windows is often prescribed by insurance companies for certain areas of application. The complete replacement is not only more cost-intensive but also causes dirt and noise and cannot usually be implemented in the short term.

The PROFILON® security film in resistance class P4A offers a cost-effective, quick retrofit solution for existing window glazing! Resistance class P4A in accordance with DIN EN 356 stipulates that the 4mm film/glass combination must stop a steel ball weighing 4.11 kg from a drop height of 9 meters three times without breaking through. The steel ball develops an impact speed of up to 50 km/h during the free fall, but cannot penetrate a window with PROFILON® film attached. For the DIN EN 356 test, the safety film of resistance class P4A was tested on a very weak (a thin 4 mm float glass panel).


PROFILON® with ALARM Function

Reliable burglary protection with integrated warning system The PROFILON® ALARM burglar protection film is a multifunctional burglar protection film with an integrated alarm function. It is available in resistance classes P2A to P4A. It complies with EN 356 (tested and certified on thin 4 mm float glass) and UL 972 due to its impact and shatter resistance.

Silver-plated alarm threads, which are integrated between the film layers, provide the multi-layer film laminate with an alarm function in the event of glass breakage.

The PROFILON® ALARM is classified according to VdS with the highest possible alarm class – alarm class C. The reliable alarm threads, which can be processed at a distance of 4, 10 or 20 centimeters between the film layers, can be coupled with existing or new alarm systems as required.


We cover all protection levels.. Unsurmountable final product.

Keep intruders out of a building, whilst not compromising on natural daylight.

RvE security window solutions without sacrificing aesthetics.

With one goal in mind:
to ensure safety!